Pay Day Wishes...Jumpsuits!

Pay Day Wishes...Jumpsuits!

I knew there was a reason why I kept my one and only jumpsuit from like two years ago because I had a hunch that it was gonna make a comeback. And I was right! I'm always so did this trend started?

 I guess the jumpsuit was first made for professional aviation and race car driving. But then it exploded into the fashion world through time and began to be really "trendy" around 1950's pinup look. It then continued on in the 1970's as a part of their "hippie" look turned chic. It continues to get deconstructed and now, the jumpsuits I feel like have better fits and a little bit more sexified! It did bring sexy back! I know I'd be rockin' it during spring with new fresh floral patterns or even solid! What would you wear with your jumpsuit?

Floral romper

Long sleeve romper

Short romper

Wide leg romper