Friday Night Talks: Motivation

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photo by: Just Stills Photography

Lately, I've been really uninspired.

I guess, I've just been feeling so tired lately with work and home that I haven't been inspired to write blog posts.  I'm usually pretty good with planning my weeks, planning my outfits, and knowing what to write. I'm usually ahead of the game when it comes to posting on time. But I told myself, I'm not going to give up. Not just yet. What do I do when I'm feeling unmotivated and uninspired?

1.  Spend time by myself alone.
You read it right. Alone. When I'm feeling unmotivated, I like to go for walks or do something by myself. It gives me time to unwind, it gives me time to relax. Away from the crazy of the moment that I feel like causing me some stress and unhappiness. If I'm at home, I usually can trust my partner to give me a little time to be by myself even if I'm in our house. Taking a bath even buys me time {moms, you know what I mean}

2.  Gotta Refuel.
Yup! For your body and mind to align right, you have to have some energy. With that being said, rest and eating right will give you a clear mind, and the ideas will start flowing. {This is true, I just ate dinner and now I can't stop writing hehe}

3. Listen to your favorite music.
If you're like me, I get in a happy place when I listen to music. It helps me clear my thoughts and vision. Besides Imusic, I also have the Soundcloud and the Spotify Apps on my phone.

4. Stay Positive
This is probably the most important thing that I do when I'm feeling unmotivated or uninspired. Sometimes, you just have to take a deep breath, stop, think, and stay positive. If you start to think bad thoughts, it could affect the outcome of your day and the people around you! You don't want to throw shade with people.

I hope this helps. I'm not an expert at this by no means, I just wanted to share with you what I do when I'm feeling uninspired. It helps for me to be able to talk about it on my space and my blog.